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These documents - WILDR's Plan for Impact and Sustainability, two reports by Ventures and Santa Cruz County, and five videos of local speakers - establish WILDR's commitment to fostering representational diversity in public office.

Our plan details why WILDR exists and the important work we plan to do over the next years to support more women to serve in public office in Santa Cruz County. 


This first report, created in partnership by Ventures and Santa Cruz County in 2021, aims to highlight how diversity in the county is adequately, or inadequately, represented in our government.


This second report, created in partnership by Ventures and Santa Cruz County in 2022, expands upon, and complements, the initial report. 


Watch five WILDR guest speakers - Maria Cadenas, Rebecca Garcia, Stephanie Garcia Mora, Veronica Elsea, and Yadira Flores - discuss the importance of diversity within local public office.


Our forums feature local speakers and create space for participants to discuss topics like embracing diversity, setting up a successful campaign, and creating a network.


All forums are virtual and recordings of each speaker are available here by topic.

Why should I run for office?

County Elections and Measures

Starting a campaign: How To

The Importance of Creating Policy


Explore each forum's speaker recordings, slides, and meeting agenda.

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