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What is WILDR?

What is  WILDR ?

WILDR is a group of women living in Santa Cruz County who have come together to support and encourage diverse women to serve in public office.  We do this through providing forums for training, education, and networking; developing and sharing tools, and sharing resources.

WILDR is committed to realizing more diverse representation by women in elected
and appointed positions in Santa Cruz County. We support progressive women
who reflect the communities they serve through training, networking, and
leadership development.


Our vision is a democracy where elected officials and other leaders reflect the
population, serving in roles that uplift all people in equity and justice.


Where We Focus
WILDR provides information, connects people to resources, and, most importantly,
builds networks of support in Santa Cruz County and all of its jurisdictions.


WILDR participants support and work to uphold:

  • racial and gender equity,

  • reproductive justice,

  • lifespan education funding,

  • voter access,

  • housing justice, and

  • equitable and shared economy for all.

WILDR works to create the conditions for women with aligned values to enter and
be supported in leadership roles, with a focus on elected and appointed positions
in government. WILDR engages people that align with our core values, regardless
of party. WILDR does not support specific candidates through endorsements or
campaign funding. 

WILDR Initiatives and Activities

Plan for Impact and Sustainability:

The Plan for Impact and Sustainability is WILDR's strategic plan for 2023-2025, encompassing our mission, vision and values, and detailing strategic goals and priorities. 

Women's Political Leadership Circle:

The Women’s Political Leadership Circle brings together a small group of diverse candidates to learn about running a campaign for public office, share struggles and successes, and develop a support network.  The Circle is led by trained facilitators in order to provide safety, confidentiality, and a high quality experience.

Information Sharing:

WILDR shares current information and resources via WILDR’s website, social media messaging and forums. WILDR provides links and resources so that women of diverse perspectives and backgrounds can easily find information to be or become impactful leaders in the broader Santa Cruz community.

Inititives and Activities


WILDR forums are presented several times per year, and are a space for women to come together, learn from one another about public service, share their experiences and support one another. Forums focus on a variety of political topics, such as preparing to run, why diversity in public office is important and expanding women's impact on issues in the Santa Cruz community.

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