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WILDR is committed to realizing more diverse representation by women in elected and appointed positions in Santa Cruz County. We support progressive women who reflect the communities they serve through training, networking, and
leadership development.

What's new with WILDR

Women’s Political Leadership Circle: apply to join!

WILDR is excited to announce that our first Women’s Political Leadership Circle is up and running, and now we are ready to put together our next Circle. This is an opportunity for support and training for women running for an elected office in 2024. The Women’s Political Circle will meet regularly via Zoom (and if desired in person) in a small group to share struggles and successes as they run for public office. The Circle will be led by trained facilitators in order to provide safety, confidentiality, and a high quality experience. Current women electeds and former candidates will provide added mentorship during the Circles meetings.  

*** Are you interested in learning more? If yes, contact Dorian at


WILDR is pleased to announce our strategic plan: the WILDR Plan for Impact and Sustainability 

The Plan details why WILDR exists, and the important work we plan to do over the next years to support more women to serve in public office in Santa Cruz County. 

Diversity in Representation Santa Cruz
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